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We attend many trade shows, exhibitions and other events where we show different use-cases with different OTTO's and appliances. On this page we give an overview:


In honor of AWL’s 25th anniversary OTTO starred in the opening event leading the AWL Techdays. At the Techdays there were multiple OTTO SDV’s connecting different robotic processes and handled most of the material logistics. An OTTO1500 with Fanuc collaborative robot was able to operate in synergy with the visitors.

Slijptechniek Enter

Slijptechniek Enter is a grinding specialist for tooling. The majority of the production is robotized and only the internal logistics, which is comprehensive, was still a challenge to automate. The video below shows how an OTTO system can handle the complete internal logistics of a production plant.


At the presentation of Trumpf’s “Smart Factory” concept, where all production processes are connected by smart logistics, we integrated OTTO’s to handle all the material logistics between different production processes. A simple user interface makes sure everybody can use the logistics system.

Solar team University of Twente

When presenting the new solar car from the University of Twente, the OTTO1500 provided the transportation of a scale model of the car.


The Technishow is one of the leading trade fairs in the production industry where several OTTO systems show what they can do. There is interaction with humans and robots and we show that the various self-driving vehicles are suitable for use in an environment next to humans.