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The World’s Most Productive AMR

The new OTTO1500 is a workhorse AMR that moves heavy payloads through demanding environments faster than any AMR on the market, with zero compromise to safety

Unmatched Productivity
OTTO 1500 delivers a class-leading 1900kg of material at top speeds of 2m/s with an agility unlike any other AMR. Every detail of OTTO 1500 has been crafted to maximize productivity.

Proven Reliability
The new OTTO 1500 builds upon over 1,000,000 hours of driving experience and more than 5 years of refinement on its powertrain and chassis. OTTO 1500 is the AMR of choice for mission-critical work.

Comprehensive Service
Comprehensive 24/7 fleet service plans ensure your AMRs are always operating at peak performance. Managed service plans are also available for improved planning and predictability.