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Heavy duty SDV for next level products

OTTO 15OO is a heavy duty self-driving vehicle designed to move pallets, racks, and other large payloads through dynamic production environments.

OTTO 15OO navigates spaces just like a person does. It maintains a map of the space in its memory and uses visual reference points to always know its position. No guides, infrastructure, or predefined paths required.

  1. Main Components
    Safety Rated Lidar
    Gracefully drives around obstacles and find new routes without getting stuck.
  2. 360º Indicator Lighting
    Displays familiar turn signals, brake lights, vehicle status lighting, and audible tones so you know where OTTO is going.
  3. Configurable Payload Interface
    Carries payloads using a standard OTTO attachment, or has the flexibility to create your own using fixed mounting points and standard power and communication ports.
  4. Tough and Sturdy Welded Frame
    Provides strong and stable movement with a high-strength welded steel frame on pivoting drive and support wheels.