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Next generation compact task-driven SDV

OTTO is a small, powerful self-driving vehicle designed to move boxes, carts, bins, and other human-scale payloads through dynamic environments.

OTTO navigates spaces just like a person does. It maintains a map of the environment in its memory and uses visual reference points to always know its position. No guides, infrastructure, or predefined paths required.

Main Components:

  1. Integrated Lift
    Interacts and engages with various carts and accessories using the 62mm lift.
  2. Safety Rated Lidar
    Gracefully drives around obstacles and people without getting stuck.
  3. 360º Indicator Lighting
    Displays familiar turn signals, brake lights, vehicle status lighting, and audible tones so you know where OTTO is going.
  4. Rugged All-Metal Chassis
    Guarantees reliability in all environments with strong and durable construction.